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Prevent or reduce hair loss with Foligain's products! Using innovative hair care formulas, they have found the solution to your hair problems. Because also for, or better said, against gray hair Foligain has hair products. Check out our extensive range and choose the appropriate solution for your hair problem. Read more >>


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Foligain anti-hair loss

At shop all products from the assortment of Foligain at bargain prices. Foligain provides innovative hair care formulas that help revitalize the health of the hair and scalp. The brand is a specialist in hair thickening and hair loss prevention. For more than a decade, they have offered the best and most effective products in the field of hair loss solutions.

Foligain hair growth capsules

Hair loss is a nightmare for many, but unfortunately also a reality for many. With the Foligain Hair Stimulating supplements, you can stop that hair loss. These supplements not only ensure that hair loss is inhibited, but also contribute to the development of new hair. And the new hair that comes with it will also be thicker and healthier than the "old" hair. Of course, this is not something you will see overnight, but after several months you will definitely see results.

The capsules consist of a combination of DHT blockers, natural minerals and vitamins and other ingredients. This combination stimulates the growth of a fuller and healthier head of hair.

Prevent gray hair

Foligain also has the solution for gray hair! The Foligain Color Rescue supplements responsibly restore your original hair color. The capsules contain scientifically researched ingredients that break down the process of graying. The product is therefore a real revolution in the search for the alternative to hair dye! Within 4 to 9 months you should see results in your hair color.

Other Foligain products

In addition to the anti-graying and anti-hair loss products, you can also find beard growth and beard styling products at To contribute to the effect of the supplements and shampoos, you can also use the Hair & Scalp Roller. The roller painlessly perforates your scalp to remove dead skin cells from the scalp. This prepares your scalp and hair for the treatment.



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