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Hair fibres

If you suffer from hair loss, we recommend hair fibres. This is because these are very effective when it comes to camouflaging hair loss. Hair fibres attach to your hair, making bald spots invisible and giving your hair a fuller look. If you have thinning hair, hair fibres will make it look better in no time!


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Tips for using hair fibres

Applying hair fibre to hair and then styling it properly sometimes takes a bit of practice. That is why we have listed a few tips to make it quicker and easier for you to enjoy a full head of hair:

  • Dry hair: Because the fibres adhere to the hair by static electricity, we advise you to apply the hair fibres only when the hair is completely dry. This ensures optimal adhesion and prevents the fibres from clumping.
  • Colour: We have hair fibres available in different colours, so it is important to choose the right one. If necessary, you can mix colours to get as close to your natural colour as possible.
  • Quantity: To determine how much hair fibre you need, you will have to experiment a bit. We advise against using too many fibres anyway, in order to achieve a natural result. Furthermore, it depends on your personal preference, the condition of your hair, the colour, and so on. Start with small bits and add a little bit each time.
  • Tools: At, we sell several tools that are useful for applying the fibres. For example, we have a Hairline Optimizer, which allows you to create a natural hairline, or a full Tool Kit with everything you need.

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