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KMS has a wide range of diverse products. You will find all the products you need to create your look. For example, there is a product line for creating beautiful curls, but also for combating lifeless hair. Wondering what other products there are? Salontopper has the complete range of KMS hair products.Read more >>


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Features KMS

  • Professional hair care
  • TRIfinity Technology
  • Wide product range
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Do not test on animals

Features KMS

  • Professional hair care
  • TRIfinity Technology
  • Wide product range
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Do not test on animals

KMS products

Dick Kornfield, Jamey Mazzotta and Gary Smith founded KMS in California in 1976.The hair products provide you with endless styling options. The brand has developed several product lines so they can offer the perfect combination of products for everyone.

TRIfinity Technology

KMS works with the 3-step plan: START. STYLE. FINISH. The products work best when you use them this way.

  • START: These products contain the AHA Structure Complex. This improves the hair inside and out so that the style products grab better into the hair.
  • STYLE: all consist of innovative styling products with their own individual formula. With these products you create your desired style.
  • FINISH: these products have a flexible seal. They contribute to the effects of the STYLE products, with sometimes up to 3 days of hold and also provide the necessary protection.

KMS product lines

KMS has a wide range of products. All products of the different product lines can be used by and with each other. The products give the best results when you use them in the 3-step plan.

  • AddPoweris suitable for fine and lifeless hair. Your hair gets power, making it feel firmer and look healthier.
  • AddVolumeis for hair that could use some extra volume.
  • ColorVitalityprevents hair color loss and restores shine.
  • Consciousstyleis the product line that gently maintains the balance of the hair and scalp.
  • CurlUpis designed for curly and wavy hair. It causes curls to bundle and frizzy hair to calm down. It also allows you to create wavy hair.
  • Hairplaygives the hair just a little more reinforcement and keeps it under control.
  • Hairstaytakes care of holding your hairstyle. So you always use these products as the last step, the finish.
  • HeadRemedyare soft, gentle products for sensitive scalps.
  • MoistRepairmoisturizes the hair and repairs damage.
  • TameFrizzkeeps frizzy hair under control.
  • ThermaShapesmooths and softens hair, making it straighter.

KMS Bestsellers

KMS HairPlay Molding Paste: KMS' flagship product, this product was launched back in 1996. The product provides flexible reinforcement with a beautiful shine. The hair is given a natural finish.

KMS CurlUp Wave Foam: this foam enhances your curls. It provides a soft and frizz-free finish. Also, this product contains heat protection.

KMS CurlUp Control Crème: the cream that ensures that your curls are beautifully bundled. Frizz and frizz are controlled, leaving your hair looking shiny.

KMS HairPlay Dry Wax: a powerful spray wax that provides a matte finish.

KMS HeadRemedy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: the shampoo that fights dandruff and flakes. Skin feels soft and moisture is restored.

Frequently asked questions

Does KMS have products for all hair types?

Yes, they have a wide range of products. For instance, there is a line especially for curls, as well as for creating volume and moisturising hair. There is a suitable product for every hair type.

Is KMS animal-free?

Yes, the products are not tested on animals.

What is TRIfinity technology?

Because of this technology, the products work best when used in the 3-step plan: START.STYLE.FINISH.


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