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Hair extensions

Whether you dream of long locks for a special occasion or are looking for a permanent solution for more volume and length: we have the hair extensions you need. We tell you all about the different types of hair extensions such as the specific applications, benefits and handy maintenance tips.


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Hair extensions: clip-in

Clip-in hair extensions are a simple way to temporarily add length and volume to your hair . They consist of hair pieces attached to small clips. You can easily clip them on to your own hair. This method is ideal for special occasions or when you feel like a quick change without permanent adjustments.

Application of clip-in hair extensions

Applying clip-in extensions is easy and does not need professional help. You first need to separate your hair horizontally and thus determine where you want to place the extension. Open the clips, place the extension close to the roots of the hair and press the clips closed. Repeat this process until you get the desired volume and length.

Benefits of clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in extensions both have the flexibility to adjust your length and volume whenever you want. It is easy to remove, so you are not stuck with a permanent look. The clips do not require heat or chemicals, which is better for your natural hair. Besides, they are an affordable option compared to salon treatment for hair extensions.

Maintenance tips for clip-in hair extensions

  • Washing: wash hair extensions only when really necessary. This is after about 15-20 wears. Use a mild, sulphate-free shampoo and wash them gently by hand in cold/warm water.
  • Drying: gently pat them dry with a towel to remove excess water. Then hang them up or lay them down on a dry towel to air dry. Avoid using a hair dryer unless you use a cold setting.
  • Brushing: gently brush them with a soft brush or a special extension brush. This will prevent tangles and the hair extensions will stay in good condition.

Hair extensions: bonding

Bonding hair extensions, also known as keratin or fusion, are hair extensions made using a keratin bonding to individual tufts of your own hair. This method offers one of the most durable and natural-looking options.

Application of bonding hair extensions

The application of bonding hair extensions is a precise job best done by a professional hair stylist. Each extension tuft is attached close to the scalp using a heat tong that melts the keratin, thus bonding it to your own hair. The process can take several hours, depending on how many you want.

Benefits of bonding hair extensions

Because they are attached piece by piece, they offer a very natural integration with your own hair. With proper care, they can last for 3 to 6 months. Besides, with these hair extensions, you can style your hair as you are used to: from curls to styles and even colours. Incidentally, they offer a significant increase in both volume and length.

Care tips for bonding hair extensions

  • Wash: wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo and try to include the bonding tips as little as possible in this. Rinse your hair thoroughly to thoroughly remove product residues.
  • Drying: pat your hair with a towel and try to let it air dry as much as possible. If you use a hair dryer, keep it on a low heat setting and don't point it directly at the bondings.
  • Brushing: use a soft brush or a special extension brush. Make sure you brush gently on the bondings to avoid them coming loose.

Extra tips

  • Wear your hair in a loose braid or ponytail while sleeping to avoid any tangles.
  • Avoid using oils or conditioner directly at the bonding points, as these can weaken the glue.
  • Schedule regular visits to your stylist for maintenance and check-ups.

Hair extensions can be found at

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look and boost self-confidence. At, you will not only find a wide range of high-quality hair extension products, but also all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Frequently asked questions about hair extensions

How long do hair extensions last?

The lifespan of hair extensions varies depending on the type and how well you take care of them. Generally, they can last between 3 to 6 months.

Can I swim or sleep with hair extensions?

Again, it depends on which type you have. In any case, take precautions. Wear a swimming cap when swimming and braid your hair loosely or wear it in a loose ponytail when sleeping to avoid tangles.

How should I store my hair extensions?

Store clip in extensions in an airy container to avoid tangles and possible damage. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them.


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