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Body scrub

A body scrub is a wonderful product that you can use all over your body. The product offers many benefits; it removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, allows for better absorption of other skin care products and gives your skin a beautiful glow. You will see the best results when you exfoliate once or twice a week.


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A good body scrub

With a good body scrub, you can exfoliate your skin and make it shine again! With exfoliation, you remove dead skin cells from the skin and a new, shiny skin comes in return. In addition to renewing the skin cells, the product also naturally repairs the skin's surface.

Applying body scrub

You have purchased a fine body scrub and want to start using it, but where do you actually start? There are a few steps you can follow to get wonderfully smooth skin. Do not exfoliate skin more than twice a week (or once a week for sensitive skin)!

  • Step 1: make sure the skin is moist, then the grain will be a little softer on the skin.
  • Step 2: apply the product in circular motions while not putting too much pressure on the skin.
  • Step 3: include rough areas such as knees and elbows.
  • Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Step 5: apply a moisturizer, such as a nourishing body lotion, to keep the skin well hydrated.

Types of scrubs

A traditional scrub often contains natural ingredients such as salt, sugar or coffee. A salt scrub has an anti-inflammatory effect. An example is the Spa of Iceland Sea Salt Scrub. This product, containing Pure Icelandic sea salt, enriches the skin with concentrated minerals and leaves it feeling wonderfully soft. A coffee scrub makes your skin firmer. In our range you will find several fine types of exfoliating products with coffee, including the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. This product is 100% natural and fades + fights pimples, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

In addition to using traditional scrubs, there are other ways to exfoliate the skin. For example, you have special sponges (they have a wonderful scent and last a long time) or gloves (among other things, reduce blemishes and prevent ingrown hairs) that you can use to exfoliate the skin.



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