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Hair accessories

Of course you have all kinds of different hair accessories for your hair, from rubber bands to sliders. These hair accessories come in many different brands, types and sizes we have a wide range of hair accessories online for you! So there is bound to be a suitable accessory for you.


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Hair accessories

To create the best looks you can use all kinds of hair accessories, from rubber bands to slide pins and hair bands. Different looks call for specific hair accessories, just invisible or you want something that stands out nicely and matches your outfit. We have it all for you!

Hair Rubber Bands

When you think of hair accessories, hair elastics are of course the first thing that comes to mind. There are different types of hair elastics, we list the most important ones and their function:

Mini hair elastics

These hair rubber bands are mainly used for styling and creating beautiful hairstyles where the hair should be held together invisibly. Therefore, these rubber elastic bands are also available in transparent and dark brown so that they will not stand out in different hair types.

Spiral elastic

Ordinary rubber bands can pull on your hair because it is very tight around the ponytail or braid. With spiral elastics, you have less of this because the spiral shape holds the hair together in a different way. They come in many different shapes and sizes. A well-known brand of spiral hair elastics is Invisibobble.


The 1980s scrunchie is still found and available everywhere. The elastic with a fabric around it can complete an outfit. This trend goes and comes when it wants to, so always handy to have another scrunchie!

Beautiful hair accessories

Different hair accessories are not only functional but also meant to complete your look. For example, you have all kinds of variations of hair clips and pins that complement your outfit or secure the hair in a playful way.


A small hairpin is useful for securing a lock that has its own will, or keeping those bangs you want to grow long out of your eyes. By choosing a fun hairpin, you can express your personality and make it match your outfit!


Beautiful updos can't be done without sliding pins. These invisible sliders are used to put up your beautiful hairstyle for a gala or other event without anyone seeing them. Sliders are always handy to have at home.

Hair clips

The hair clip is another must have among your hair accessories. Just easily fix your hair without too much fiddling. A hair clip can quickly create a casual yet elegant look.


Simple and elegant or cheerful and over the top, with a headband you can keep your hair out of your face with a nice touch. We have many different headbands with all kinds of fun prints or plain and simple.

Hair accessories for kids

In our assortment we also have many fun hair accessories for kids. With fun themes like unicorns, animals and princesses. All in fun colors and of course the children's hair accessories are in a smaller size!


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