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Pump for on bottle

Looking for a pump for on a bottle or other bulk containers? has a diverse range of different pumps for all kinds of shampoo, cream and oil bottles. This is because with a pump you can dose more easily, so you do not use too much of a product for your hair. Moreover, you then also do longer with your hair products and do not waste anything!


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Better dosage

So with a good pump for your bottle, you ensure better dosage of your hair products. You know exactly how much comes out and how often you have to press the pump. It is not only a waste of product if you use too much, but also bad for your hair. So look in our assortment for the right pump for your bottle.

Different brands

Not every pump fits every bottle. That is why we have pumps of different brands, which fit perfectly on bottles of that brand. Think Wella, Kérastase and Goldwell. Do you happen to buy a product from one of these brands? Then check immediately whether a pump for the bottle is for sale with us. Then you can order it right away, which is very convenient!

Soap board

Not only with a bottle of shampoo or conditioner is it a waste, also with a bar of soap or shampoo you can save. To do this, use a bamboo soap shelf that allows the piece of soap to dry quickly and leak out, thus preserving the piece better. This is because if you leave the soap in a wet container, or worse on the ground, it will remain in a layer of water, wasting some of the soap.

Refill Bottles

Because wasting less is not only important for you individually, you will also find refill bottles and refill packs of Kérastase. You buy a handy refill bottle with a pouch containing the shampoo. Afterwards, you can rinse your refill bottle clean each time and buy a new pouch. In this way, you ensure that less plastic needs to be used and thus do your bit for the environment.

Ordering pumps at

Have you found the right pump for your bottle? Then order it quickly and easily through our webshop. Do you order from Sunday to Friday before 10 p.m.? Then your order often arrives the next working day! Before you order, check whether a refill pack of your product is also for sale. If you have any questions about the pumps or our other products, feel free to ask our customer service!


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