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Curling iron

If you are not blessed with a beautiful bunch of curls, a curling iron is of course the ideal invention. And also if you already have curls but want to accentuate them a little more. So many hair types, so many desires. Choose the right curling iron based on your hair type, the desired size of curls and the frequency of use. For beautiful curls, is the place to be! Read more >


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The best curling iron for every hair type

When choosing a curling iron, your hair type is the most important factor. A large choice of heat settings is nice, but more important is to find a temperature that suits your hair type. Do you have thin and fine hair? Then 180 degrees is more than enough, as thin hair heats up faster and therefore curls quicker. Also if you have dyed hair, 180 degrees is the setting you want to use. If you have 'normal' hair, 200 degrees would almost always be in the right direction. For thick and coarse hair, it's best to opt for 220 degrees.

What kind of curls do you want?

What also plays a big role with a curling iron is what type of curl you want to create. Do you want big wavy curls or small curls with lots of volume? Here is some advice on which curling iron is best for each type of curl:

Big, wavy curls

Want to create big, wavy curls? A slightly thicker curling iron is best for this. Make sure your tongs have a diameter of at least 25 millimetres. These tongs can also be used to create waves in your hair. A thicker version is not suitable for treating short hair.

Average curls

Do you prefer average curls, exactly between big and small? Then use one with a diameter of 15 to 24 millimetres. You can also create waves with this curling iron, albeit with a slightly less natural result. This size, like the largest variant, is not really suitable for short hair.

Small curls, lots of volume

If you like small curls with lots of volume, a curling iron with a diameter under 15 millimetres is for you. These tongs create denser, smaller curls. These tongs are suitable for shorter hair, though!

Natural curls

For the most natural curls, go for the conical curling iron. Because it is wider at the handle than at the tip, curls will be smaller at the ends of the hair than at the root. Conical curling irons have a wider diameter, and are therefore less suitable for shorter hair.

How often do you use the curling iron?

Are you going to use the curling iron (pretty much) every day, or at least several times a week? Then buy one with full ceramic plates or a titanium curling iron anyway. These ensure that the heat is distributed evenly over the hair, so it does not overheat. Positive for your curls (because less static), but also for the health of your hair! Do you use it occasionally? Then a ceramic-coated one will do. These also protect your hair, but do not last as long because the coating wears out over time. In any case, do not use a curling iron with a worn ceramic coating; this can damage your hair!

Think about this too!

Are there other things to look out for when buying a curling iron? Definitely! You can also think about the following things:

  • Automatic curling irons: Little time? Then maybe an automatic version is just the thing for you! These rotate the tube automatically, so you don't have to do this yourself!
  • Cable length: Sitting there with your new curling iron in front of the mirror, it turns out the cable doesn't reach the socket. It seems very logical, but most people don't think about this. Make sure you have enough cable length!
  • Instant heat: Impatient? A tong with instant heat is at the desired temperature within seconds!
  • Screen: Sure the temperature is right? Some curling irons have a screen where you can read exactly this kind of thing!

Frequently asked questions

How do you use a curling iron?

Using a curling iron is fortunately not very difficult and the results are beautiful. Start with dry hair for a long-lasting effect. Turn on the curling iron and divide your hair into sections. Once the curling iron has heated up, you can start. Take a tuft of hair and place the curling iron in the hair. Twist the hair around the curling iron and hold for a few seconds. Then release and do the same with the other strands. Let your curls cool and then shake out. Spraying hairspray in will make it stay even longer! Use a heat protector beforehand to protect your hair.

How to make curls without curling irons?

Fortunately, you can also curl your hair without a curling iron. To do this, dampen your hair and then make tight braids. You can also use papillots. Let the hair dry or use a hair dryer. Furthermore, after washing your hair, you can also twist it into bunches and secure it with hairpins so that it dries into curls. For quick, heat-free results, use a hair curler without heat. These techniques will give you beautiful curls without a curling iron.

How to get curls without a curling iron?

Getting curls without a curling iron is possible in several ways. A popular option is to make braids or twist damp hair into papillae before it dries. You can also divide your hair into sections after shampooing and secure them with hair pins so that it dries into curls. A heat-free alternative is a non-heat hair curler.

What is a good curling iron?

What makes a good curling iron depends on your specific needs and hair type. In general, ceramic curling irons are popular because of their even heat distribution and less risk of hair damage. Adjustable temperature settings are important to adjust the heat to your hair type. The size of the curling iron determines the curl size, so choose according to your needs. For questions, our staff will be happy to help.

What is the best curling iron?

What is the best curling iron depends on your hair type and styling preferences. Generally, curling irons from well-known brands such as BaByliss and GHD are considered the best. Choose a curling iron with the right diameter for the desired curl size and an adjustable temperature to avoid damage. It may help to read reviews before making your choice. Our staff are also always ready to give you advice.

How do curling irons work?

A curling iron works by using heat to curl your hair. You set the desired temperature, clip a strand of hair between the hot tong plates and rotate the tong around your hair. The heat causes the hair strand to retain its shape temporarily. After a few seconds, you release the hair strand, keeping it in a curl. Repeat this until you have had all the strands. This is how you get your desired curl results.

What temperature do curling irons go up to?

Curling irons come with different maximum temperatures: 180 degrees, 190 degrees, 200 degrees, 210 degrees, 220 degrees and 230 degrees. Make sure you use the lowest possible temperatures for thin hair.

Are there any cordless curling irons?

Yes there are! Very handy for when you want to quickly curl your hair on the go. The tongs are rechargeable and can last up to an hour and a half.


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