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Kérastase Genesis Homme

Kérastase Genesis Homme is specially designed for men with thinning hair. The products stimulate hair growth and hair loss is reduced. Keep your hair and scalp healthy by using the Kérastase Genesis Homme products. Shop your favorite products now at


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Reduce hair loss with Kérastase Genesis Homme

New from Kérastase is the line for men that combats hair loss; Kérastase Genesis Homme. After the success of the Kérastase Genesis line for women, there is now a series specifically for hair loss in men. This line consists of 5 products that combat signs of hair loss and thinning hair. They stimulate healthy hair growth to make thinning hair healthy and in addition it cares for the scalp to combat hair loss. Also read our complete blog about the new Kérastase Genesis Homme.

Kérastase Genesis Homme Shampoo

In this line you will find two shampoos focused on proper care of the hair and scalp to improve hair growth and combat hair breakage/hair loss. These Genesis Homme shampoos come in two varieties the Genesis Homme Bain de Force provides strong hair with more volume and the Genesis Homme Bain de Masse provides thicker and fuller hair.

Hair treatment against hair loss in men

The Genesis Homme range also includes the Kérastase Genesis Homme Serum Anti-Chute 90ml. This 6-week hair cure ensures healthy and stronger hair growth. This will make thinning hair fuller again and hair loss decreases. You apply this product daily for 6 weeks for a long-lasting effect and a beautiful full head of hair!


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