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Shampoo for children

It is important to take good care of your child's hair. A good shampoo is essential within your child's hair care routine to cleanse the hair. The product restores cleanliness to the scalp and hair.


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The best shampoo for your child

Taking good care of hair is important to keep it healthy. Therefore, a shampoo should definitely not be missed. Go for a mild version that does not contain harmful ingredients and is suitable for a child's hair. Pay close attention to the ingredient list of a product and preferably choose one without parabens, sulphates and silicones.

Types of shampoos

Within you will find a number of shampoos specially developed for children. Which is the best choice for your child depends on their hair type and needs.

Revlon Equave Kids Shampoo

This product is very popular and contains no harmful ingredients. The conditioning gel formula in the product moisturises and gently cleanses hair. This version is dermatologically tested and non-irritating. This product is available in two types of scents: princess and apple.

Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo

The Paul Mitchell Kids Baby Don't Cry Shampoo 300ml is another good option. This product consists of mild cleansing ingredients and a neutral pH, so the produc t doesn't sting the eyes.The unique blend of extracts helps moisturise and prevent moisture loss. Chamomile and cornflower extract soothe the skin.

Naïf Baby & Kids Nourishing Shampoo

The Naïf Baby & Kids Nourishing Shampoo 200ml with cottonseed oil is another great choice for your child. This product gently cleanses and does not sting the eyes. Does your baby have little or no hair? Even then, this product is still nice to use! After all, it prevents dry scalp.

Shampoo bars Shampoo Bar Baby

The Shampoobars Shampoo Bar 60g Baby is suitable even for little ones. This solid bar has a unique baby powder scent, which is wonderfully soothing. The bar, with Aloe Vera extract, has a soothing and restorative effect. The bar contains no silicones or parabens and is plant-based. Moreover, it is a sustainable choice as you don't use a plastic bottle.

Finally, don't forget to take care of your child's hair with other fine hair products such as an anti-tangle spray and a hair lotion. Match the products to your child's hair needs.


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