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For the pregnant belly

When you are pregnant, your pregnant belly does deserve some extra attention. The belly grows and the skin stretches, making it important to take good care of it. On this page you will find products that will help you take care of your pregnant belly.


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Why extra care for your pregnant belly?

Your body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy, and your belly naturally grows along with it. The skin stretches and can sometimes feel sensitive and dry. You can keep the skin of your belly soft and elastic by applying a daily belly oil or belly cream, for example. These products can help prevent stretch marks and support skin recovery after childbirth.

The benefits of tummy oil and tummy cream

Naïf has a fine tummy oil and tummy cream in its range, which are specially designed to care for the pregnant belly.

Naïf Mom Soothing Pregnancy Belly Balm.

The Naïf Mom Soothing Pregnancy Belly Balm is a soothing balm made exclusively of natural ingredients. The product contributes to the natural support of your growing belly. The pleasant shea butter-based belly balm helps soothe and ease the growing belly, breasts and the rest.

Naïf Mom Relaxing Pregnancy Body Oil.

The Naïf Mom Relaxing Pregnancy Body Oil 90ml is a natural and gentle oil that helps keep skin nice and supple. The product contains no parabens or harsh alcohol and absorbs quickly into the skin. Finally, it has a lovely light floral scent which provides relaxation.

Gift tip: Would you like to give something as a gift to a pregnant woman? Naïf also has these two fine products as a set in a nice package.

Take care of your pregnant belly

To keep the skin elastic and prevent stretch marks, it is extremely important to take good care of the pregnant belly. Support the skin in a natural way with, for example, a belly oil or belly cream. Pamper your belly and of course yourself with these delicious products and enjoy a radiant skin!


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