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Are you looking for a beautiful bronzer? Then shop it at It gives you that little extra color/warmth and creates a radiant look! Complete your makeup routine and go for a subtle sun-kissed look with one of our fine bronzers!


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Bronzing powder

The best bronzer can be found at and are happy to give you some additional information. A bronzer is always a few shades darker than your foundation and/or powder. Pay attention; not too dark! It gives you the look of coming back from your sun vacation and provides a beautiful sunkissed look. Where to apply it:

  • At your hairline
  • The bridge of your nose
  • At the cheekbones
  • At the jaw line

How to apply.

A bronzer is applied in the shape of the number 3 at the contour of the face.

  • Step 1: Apply it at your temple first.
  • Step 2: Then move on to your cheek.
  • Step 3: Next, grab your jawline with it.
  • Tip: Then blend it out well.

The best bronzer

Before buying a bronzer, it's helpful to know whether you have and cool or warm skin tone. With a cool skin tone, for example, choose a pink/beige undertone. If your skin tone is warm, choose an orange-brown undertone. Handy to try it out first should you be unsure which one suits your skin well.

What is the difference between a bronzer and blush?

Bronzers give the skin a warm glow and give a sun-kissed look to your face. A blush is applied diagonally to your junk bones and gives a fresh look. So with and blush you create even better blush on your cheeks. For both a bronzer and blush, you need to look carefully at which colors match your skin type.

A natural tint with a beautiful glow

There's nothing more annoying in the winter months when your tanned skin becomes increasingly faded. This is easily solved by using a fine bronzer that matches your skin type. It gives your skin just a little more color and often creates a beautiful glow. Isn't this what everyone wants? A fine bronzer is your new best friend!


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