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A highlighter is a shiny makeup product that you can add very nicely to your evening makeup or even to your daytime makeup. Give your face a beautiful glow by applying a highlighter. Accentuate the areas that need a little extra attention, such as the corners of your eyes or cheekbones. Complete your look with the best highlighters. Shop your favorite makeup at


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The best highlighter

The best highlighter is different for everyone. Do you go for one color or do you prefer a palette full of different colors that you can combine well? The choice is wide because there are several varieties. Choose the makeup highlighter that suits you best. Did you know that you can also apply this product as an eyeshadow? It gives a beautiful glow, so you can also use it as a shiny eyeshadow.

Types of highlighters

Highlighters come in a liquid, powder and cream substance. Which variant is best for your skin? We are happy to help you out. You can easily apply it with your finger, brush, beautyblender or with the applicator attached to the product. Let the product melt nicely with the rest of your makeup and enjoy a beautiful glow.

  • Liquid: the liquid variant is suitable for those with dry or normal skin.
  • Cream: the cream variant is suitable for those with dry to normal skin. An example of this is the Zao Shine-up Stick. This is a highlighter stick and therefore very easy to use.
  • Powder: the powder variant is very suitable for people with oily skin. Do you use a liquid or cream variant for this? Then the skin becomes even more shiny and looks oilier. Looking for a fine product in powder form? Then the Zao Bamboe Shine-up powder is what you need.

How do you apply a highlighter?

You can apply a highlighter to several areas to accentuate your facial shapes. For example, you can apply it to the:

  • cheekbones; let your cheekbones speak for themselves by applying a nice glow.
  • nose; you can apply it on the tip of your nose, but also on the bridge of your nose. Your nose will appear optically narrower.
  • Eyebrows; apply it just under your eyebrows, on the hard part.
  • Eye corners; let your eyes speak by applying the product to the corners of your eyes. Your eyes will appear optically larger.
  • upper lip; apply it to the dimple above your upper lip.

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