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Hand soap

A fine hand soap is indispensable in every household or workplace. With a hand soap you clean your hands. At Salontopper you will find different hand soaps with a wonderful scent. Your hands after washing will not only be clean, but also smell great!


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Liquid hand soap

Your hands constantly come into contact with impurities. To get your hands clean again, it is important to wash them regularly. Always use soap when you wash your hands! This is because it contains wax-active substances that wash the dirt off your hands. Don't use soap? Then chances are that dirt will remain on your hands. Soap not only helps to remove dirt, but it also works against viruses and bacteria.

In our assortment you will find fine liquid hand soaps, nice touch: a liquid version is very economical and therefore cheap to use.

How do I wash my hands?

If you follow the following steps while washing your hands, you can be sure that all dirt is removed from the hands:

  • Step 1: first wet the hands thoroughly.
  • Step 2: take some liquid soap from the pump.
  • Step 3: rub the hands together, making sure the top and bottom of the hands are well lathered. Also include the areas between the fingers and fingertips well.
  • Step 4: make sure to wash the hands for at least 20 seconds so that the product can do its job properly.
  • Step 5: rinse the hands and then dry thoroughly.

Buy hand soap

Are you looking for a fine hand soap with pump, but not sure which kind to go for? Two fine soaps from our range are:

- The Spa of Iceland Hand Soap 300ml gently cleanses hands while preserving the skin's natural moisture balance. The soap includes soothing sea buckthorn extracts and pure Icelandic sea salt. This product is rich in minerals, provides soft and healthy skin and has a gentle scent of Icelandic moss & thyme.

- The Haan Hand Soap 350ml Sunset Fleur ensures perfectly clean hands without drying them out. This product consists of a gentle blend of floral scents and a high-quality gel formula based on Coco Nucifera and Aloe Vera. Rooster soap is also still available in: Margarita Spirit (it has fragrance notes of bright, uplifting and refreshing citrus) and Purifying Verbena (it has a fresh scent of verbena flower). Haan soaps are refillable, so you can just keep the container and not have to throw it away.

Disinfectant hand gel vs. hand soap

A bottle of disinfecting hand gel is easy to carry and you can disinfect your hands quickly. Although a bottle of hand gel can be used well in addition to ihe hand washing, it is not a replacement! Even though a hand gel can greatly reduce the level of bacteria, it does not reduce the chance of spreading viruses. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water is best.


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