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Alcina shampoo

With Alcina shampoo you clean and care for your hair optimally. The brand has years of experience in developing high quality products and so their shampoos are also of high quality.


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Discover the power of Alcina shampoo

With the shampoos from Alcina you clean and care for your hair optimally. Which shampoo is most suitable for your hair depends on the effect of the product. Therefore, read the description carefully before purchasing a shampoo.

Popular shampoos are:

Alcina volume shampoo

With the Alcina volume shampoo you give fine and lifeless hair a boost. This product contains structural and moisturizing factors, which strengthen the hair. The care module (including oat protein and volume-activating polymers) give fine hair more volume, shine and resilience without weighing it down.

Alcina color & blond shampoo

The Alcina Color & Blond Color Conditioning Shampoo is ideal for the needs of colored, highlighted or permed hair. The shampoo helps maintain the color of your hair longer and protects against fading, in addition, this product conditions the hair. After using this shampoo, your hair is easily combable and has a beautiful shine.

Alcina hyaluronic shampoo

With Alcina hyaluron shampoo, dry hair is a thing of the past! The high-quality formula includes hyaluronic acid and cactus pear extract , which ensure that the moisture reserves in your hair are replenished. A nice bonus: the anti-heat factor in the shampoo prevents heat damage up to 230°C.

Alcina repair shampoo

Make dry or dull hair supple again with the Repair Shampoo from Alcina. The provitamin B5 in the shampoo provides sufficient moisture and has an extra restorative effect. The shampoo makes the hair combable and beautifully shiny.

Alcina sensitiv shampoo

Do you have a sensitive scalp and/or sensitive hair? Then Alcina Sensitiv is the perfect shampoo for you! This gentle cleansing shampoo includes aloe vera (provides moisture) and bisabolol and allantoin (have a soothing effect). The formula in the shampoo can stiffen the resistance of the scalp, in addition to protecting against mild irritability. Go for a soothed scalp and relaxed hair with this shampoo!


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