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AVEDA Botanical Repair

Do you suffer from damaged hair? Then the line of AVEDA Botanical Repair is your lifesaver. It repairs hair from the inside out making your hair stronger. This results in powerful and healthy hair. It is a pure wellness experience in your own bathroom thanks to the fine fragrance and natural ingredients that make up the products. The AVEDA Botanical Repair ensures the construction of new hair connections and also repairs damage in the hair. Thanks to its innovative plant technology, it strengthens and repairs your hair instantly. More than six years of research have gone into the botanical ingredients that have been added. So you know that with the AVEDA Botanical Repair you are bringing high quality products into your home!


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This is how the repair of AVEDA Botanical Repair works

AVEDA Botanical Repair products restore the three main layers of hair with the power of plants. They use three different technologies:

Inner layer

The plant molecules of the AVEDA Botanical Repair build hair bonds (from corn) in the innermost layer of the hair, also called bark. The molecules build up hair connections so they slide together easily, a bit like folded hands.

Outer layer

The nourishing and green macro blend of certified organic oils (avocado, sacha inchi and green tea) care for the outer layer of the hair, also called the cuticle. This blend of AVEDA Botanical Repair makes your hair smooth and shiny again. In this way, the cuticle remains nourished, flexible and detangled. In addition, it helps prevent future damage.

Outer hair layer

The organic peel complex (from corn and coconut oil) takes care of the outer hair layer, also known as the shield layer. It mimics the benefits of the outer hair layer by providing it with a shield. It protects hair from moisture and water so it prevents porous hair.

AVEDA Damage Treatment Benefits.

The biggest advantage of AVEDA Damage Treatment products is that it thus repairs your hair on three levels. In addition, you build your hair with plant-based molecules instead of synthetic ingredients. Also, the products are free of silicones, sulfates and is vegan and cruelty free. AVEDA Botanical Repair products is suitable for everyone, as it is formulated and tested on all hair types and textures.

Product in the spotlight

Surely the flagship product of this AVEDA line is the AVEDA Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum. It transforms hair as you sleep and builds new hair bonds. Wake up to stronger and visibly restored hair! The lightweight, pillow-proof serum creates an invisible veil over hair, preventing damage and friction. In addition, it restores your hair for 8 hours. It reduces split ends by 84% in just one night. Furthermore, it has 99% natural origins and is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Causes of damaged hair

There is nothing more annoying than having damaged hair, your hair feels vaguely dry and looks unhealthy. There are four causes by which you can get damaged hair:

  • Physical damage (e.g., from brushing, extensions or styling)
  • Heat damage (e.g., from straightening or curling irons)
  • Chemical damage (e.g. by coloring, decolorizing or perm)
  • Environmental damage (e.g. from UV damage, humidity, what with lots of lime)

With the fine Botanical Repair AVEDA hair care products, this is a thing of the past and you will be shining with beautifully healthy and strong hair in no time!

Does your hair need repair? Do the test!

Wondering if the AVEDA Botanical Repair is something for you? Then answer the following questions for yourself with 'yes' or 'no':

  • Do you color your hair or is it chemically treated?
  • Does your hair break or split easily?
  • Are your hair ends rough, thinner or lighter?

If you answer mostly 'yes' to these questions, then your hair needs repair. To further confirm, you may choose to do an elasticity test:

  • Grab one hair from your scalp.
  • Take the hair between both hands and then gently pull on the end.
  • When hair breaks easily, the hair needs repair and the AVEDA Damage Remedy Treatment line is definitely for you.



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