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OSiS Curls & Waves

The OSiS Curls & Waves line is specially developed for curly and wavy hair and therefore all products are also Curly Girl proof. The products give more definition to curly and wavy hair. Do you already use a gel or cream to give your curls and waves more definition, shine and bounce? You can shop the finest products at!


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OSiS Curls & Waves products

Which OSiS Curls & Waves product is your favorite?

  • The OSiS Curls & Waves Bounty Balm nourishes and softens curly and wavy hair. Frizzy hair is reduced, curls are given more definition and the hair is given a beautiful shine. This curl cream is Curly Girl proof.
  • The OSiS Curls & Waves Curl Jam is suitable for curly hair. It has a light hold and ensures that curls are beautifully defined. The hair remains soft to the touch and is not weighed down. Curls are resilient, moisturized and given a beautiful shine. This gel is Curly Girl proof.
  • The OSiS Curls & Waves Tipsy Twirl is a gel with medium hold. Fluffy hair reduces and you get beautifully defined curls and wavy hair. This gel has no crunchy effect, so the hair remains wonderfully soft to the touch. This product is Curly Girl proof.

Product lines

In addition to the OSiS Curls & Waves line specifically designed for curly and wavy hair, Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS has also added several other product lines. Are you looking for a product that gives your hair more shine, more volume or just a strong hold? Then try the other product lines.

2ND Day: The products that refresh the hair between washes.
Smooth & Shine: Tames frizzy hair and gives a beautiful shine.
Hold: Gives the hair more hold.
Texture: Gives more texture and grip to the hair.
Volume & Body: Makes the hair look fuller by giving more volume and body to the hair.


OSiS Curls & Waves products are now greener and cleaner. The packaging features handy usage info and a QR code. Each product has a unique qr-code, if you scan it with your phone you will get more information about the product, such as the ingredients and how it works. Also, the Hold level is indicated on the front with '+'. The meaning of this is: + light hold, ++ medium hold, +++ strong hold, ++++ extra strong hold. The new OSiS Curls & Waves product packaging is also all recyclable.


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