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OSiS Smooth & Shine

OSiS Smooth & Shine products make any hair look shine! With these products, you can be sure your hair will have a beautiful shine and reduce frizz. Create the radiant hairstyle that suits you with your favorite OSiS Smooth & Shine product. You shop all products at


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OSiS Smooth & Shine products

Reduce frizzy hair and give your hair look a beautiful shine with the OSiS Smooth & Shine!

  • The Flatliner is a heat protection up to 230°C. This spray has a light hold that does not feel sticky. It reduces frizz, leaves hair feeling smooth and protects your look from humidity.
  • The Super Shield gives hair a beautiful shine, reduces frizzy hair, protects hair from the heat of heat tools and has antibacterial properties.
  • The Glow is a hair serum. The hair gets a beautiful shine due to the nourishing active ingredients. By using this hair serum, frizzy hair is reduced and gets proper care.
  • The Sparkler is a shine spray without silicones. Want to give your hair look a nice shine, tame frizzy hair and improve combability? Then the Sparkler is what you need!

Product lines

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS products have been updated. Different product lines have been developed and some formulas have been modified. In addition to the OSiS Smooth & Shine, there are several other OSiS product lines.

Volume & Body: Creates more volume and body.
Curls & Waves: Suitable for curly and wavy hair.
Texture: Gives the hair more texture.
Hold: Gives fixation to the hair.
2ND Day: The refreshment between hair washing.


The updated products in the OSiS Smooth & Shine line now all have a QR code. Each product has a unique code, scanning it with your phone will give you more information about the product, such as how it works and ingredients. Also, the Hold level is indicated on the front with '+'. The meaning of this is: + light hold, ++ medium hold, +++ strong hold, ++++ extra strong hold. The new packaging is also all recyclable. The OSiS Smooth & Shine line is greener and cleaner!


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