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Sexyhair gel

Sexyhair gel is one of the products from the popular hairdressing brand Sexyhair. The product is known for its strength and versatility. The Sexyhair gel is available in several varieties, each for a different hair need. The brand's gels are designed to create different hair styles: from classic hairstyles to trendy, modern looks. Discover Sexyhair gel at our product range and enjoy your hairstyle all day long.



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Sexy Hair

Types of Sexyhair gel

Sexyhair gel is available in several varieties, each one meeting a different hair need. For example, the Style Hard Up Gel is a variety that offers strong, long-lasting hold that lasts all day and is suitable for all hair types. The Sexyhair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel creates special volume and texture to fine hair. A great advantage of this hair gel is that it is suitable for use before blow-drying. In addition, this gel contains a UV filter and is alcohol-free.

Using Sexyhair gel

Using Sexyhair gel can be done on towel dry hair. Apply the product evenly to the ends of the hair. If necessary, you can then blow-dry or comb it into shape to get extra volume and body. For extra strong hold, you can also apply the gel to dry hair and then style it as desired. The Sexyhair gel ensures that you can enjoy your hairstyle in good shape all day long. You can remove the gel from your hair by rinsing it out with water, or by brushing it out well.

About Sexyhair

Sexyhair is a popular brand in hair care. The brand is known for its high-quality and professional products. The products were designed by hairdresser Michael O' Rourke because he himself was not satisfied with hairdressing products used in his salon. Sexyhair offers several products including shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling waxes and hair sprays.



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