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Wella Professionals Color Fresh

After dyeing your hair you want to keep the color as long as possible. You can achieve this perfectly with the Color Fresh line from Wella Professionals. This line consists of a wide range of ammonia-free semi-permanent hair color products. The Wella Color fresh products provide vibrant color and an intensive shine boost.


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Wella Professionals Color Fresh hair color

Wella Color Fresh is a wide range of ammonia-free semi-permanent hair color products. Easily keep your hair color vibrant and longer lasting with the fine Color Fresh range.

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Create

Create your ideal customized color result with the Wella Professionals Tomorrow clear 60ml coloring. Mix colors from the Create line together for the desired color result and for the right color intensity. You do not need a developer for this hair dye! Use the Color Fresh Create Tomorrow clear to make the color less intense. The Wella Professionals Color Fresh Create line has a true to tone color fade and lasts approximately 20 washes.

Wella Professionals Acid

Color Fresh is a semi permanent coloring with an acidic pH. A perfect combination of instant color results and conditioning ingredients. Color Fresh is free of ammonia. This versatile product is ideal to use as a color refresher between dyeings and in enhancing vibrant colors. The hair gets up to 50% more shine.

Wella Professionals Perfection

Wella Professionals Perfecton by color fresh is a special leave-in hair color product. It contains instant colorants and a vitamin complex to add vibrant color and shine to a professional color treatment. This extremely versatile product is ideal for use as both a color refresher and a one-time color for a night out, for example.

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask

The Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask is a pearlescent mask that neutralizes and reduces coppery color. The mask is ideal for lighter hair tones to maintain the platinum finish without drastically changing the tone. In addition, the mask conditions your hair so it looks healthy! The mask helps you revive your hair color while also making your hair feel soft and healthy again. All with 0% damage to your hair! Refresh blonde to red hair with the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask for a natural-looking highlight. Plus, the masks smell great and reduce hair breakage while combing.


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