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Wella SP shampoo

Wella SP is a world-renowned brand of hair care products, including Wella SP shampoo. Due to the brand's years of experience, Wella has many quality products in their range. The Wella shampoo is available in many types and suitable for different hair types and hair needs. Discover the Wella SP shampoos at and enjoy your clean, cared-for hair.



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Wella SP
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Types of Wella SP shampoo.

Wella SP shampoos are designed to condition, wash and nourish the hair. Several shampoos are available, each to meet specific needs. For example, Wella SP shampoos come in the range for more volume, repair, hydration and special care after being in the sun. The Volumize Shampoo is specially made to give fine and lifeless hair a volume boost. This product contains ingredients such as cotton extract and rice protein that strengthen the hair and give it volume. The Repair Shampoo restores damaged and broken hair. This shampoo contains silk amino acids and microlight oil that provide repair and protect against further damage.

Benefits Wella SP Shampoo

A great advantage of the Wella shampoo is that it is suitable for many hair types, types and colors. The Wella line includes special shampoos for people with blonde hair and for colored hair. With the Silver Blond Shampoo give your blonde locks an extra boost. Wella is also the right place for a gentle cleansing. The Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo washes your hair in a gentle way and its ingredients provide hair care from the inside out.

Other hair care products from Wella SP

In addition to shampoos, Wella SP also offers other hair care products such as conditioners, hair masks and styling products. All Wella products are designed with quality and effectiveness in mind and are suitable for different hair types and hair needs. With the Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum you create vital and strong hair.



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