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Yari Green Curls Mousse

With the Yari Green Curls Mousse you create beautiful curls and waves, without frizz. The mousse gives your curls perfect definition, without weighing hair down. The product also provides nourishment and care for your hair. Perfect for twist and permsets! And nice touch: the Yari mousse is completely CG proof!


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Yari Curling Mousse: the benefits at a glance

The Yari curling mousse offers many benefits for anyone who wants beautifully defined curls and waves. For example, the mousse creates full, defined curls and waves without frizz. Also, the product does not weigh hair down, keeping your curls airy and bouncy. Finally, this nourishing, conditioning mousse is ideal for twist and permsets.

Do you follow the CG method? Then product is ideal to use! This is because the mousse is completely CG proof and you can therefore easily incorporate it into your grooming routine.

Instructions Curling Mousse Yari

Follow these steps for applying the curling mousse Yari for best results:

  • Step 1: Shake the Yari Green Curls Curling Mousse well before use.
  • Step 2: Spread a small amount of the product evenly throughout the hair. Start at the roots and finish at the ends.
  • Step 3: gently comb through the hair with a coarse can to distribute the mousse well.
  • Step 4: scrunch your hair to form curls. Then dry it with a blow dryer with diffuser or let it air dry.
  • Tip: Use the Yari Green Curls Curling Mousse in combination with other Yari Green Curls products for optimal results.

Order the Yari Green Mousse now

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Yari Green Mousse for yourself? Then order this amazing curling mousse now. You will discover how easy it is to create beautiful, defined curls and waves. You will be amazed at the results!


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