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Beard oil

A beard oil is there to provide your beard with extra hydration and care. Your beard hairs, of course, are very different from your head hairs. Not only are they stiffer, they also receive less skin care. Hence, a beard oil is necessary to keep your beard healthy and beautiful. A good beard oil consists of 80% nourishing and moisturizing oils that care for your beard hair and facial skin.


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The best beard oil

The beard trend continues and some men vow never to shave their beards again. Essential, then, is to give your beard proper care. To do this, you can use a beard oil. A beard oil will help you keep your beard hair beautiful and healthy, making it look better. The conditioning oils ensure that your skin and hair are hydrated and nourished for optimal care. You cannot use it for styling your beard; there are special beard styling products for this. However, it is available in different scents so that your beard smells great right away.

Why Beard Oil

Your beard hairs are different from the hairs on your head. You've probably noticed this yourself. The stiff hairs on your face are thicker and receive less nourishing oils from your own skin. Therefore, you need to provide extra care in the form of a good beard oil. But what benefits does this have:

  • Moisturizes beard and underlying skin
  • Beard hairs become less coarse
  • Provides a healthy shine
  • Beard appears fuller as the hairs thicken
  • Gives a nice scent to your beard

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you use beard oil?

It very much depends on your own preference, but daily use is certainly possible. First wash your beard with a good beard shampoo and then apply the beard oil.

How much beard oil should be used?

For a normal beard, 5 drops are enough, but if you have a longer, thicker beard, you'll need to use a little more. Especially in the length, you'll need more.

How to apply beard oil?

Depending on the packaging, you can apply the oil directly to your beard or first to your hands. If it has a pipette you apply it directly to your face. Otherwise, it's easier to apply it to your hands first. Then massage the beard oil over your face and spread it over the hair and skin. If you have a longer beard, make sure to spread the oil into the lengths as well.


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