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Hair clay

Clay is an essential product for anyone looking for a firm yet flexible hold for their hairstyle. Whether you want to create a casual look or go for a structured style, with clay you can achieve the desired effect. Hair clay is a versatile styling product that provides a matt finish and does not weigh your hair down. It is perfect for all hair types and styles, from short to long and from straight to curly. Discover the versatility and power of clay and give your hair the attention it deserves.


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The benefits of hair clay

Hair clay, also known as hair clay, is popular for several benefits. With a matt finish, it offers a natural look without excessive shine. It is characterised by a flexible hold, keeping hair in shape without stiffness. In addition, hair clay adds volume to the hair, resulting in extra body and texture, and it is suitable for various hair styles and lengths. This versatility makes it a favourite styling product for those striving for effortless and stylish hair care. In short, clay is an ideal solution for a natural look with flexible control and enhanced volume, making it a popular choice in the world of hair styling.

Choose the right clay for your hair

When choosing the right clay, it is important to consider the hold and finish you want to achieve. Here are some tips:

  • Strong hold: Choose a strong clay for shorter hairstyles that need firm hold and long-lasting styling.

  • Medium hold: Try a clay with medium hold for flexible styling and maintaining natural movement, ideal for various hair lengths.

  • Matte finish: Go for a clay with a matte finish if you aim for a natural look without shine, which is perfect for an effortless look.

Our webshop offers a wide range of hair clays from top brands such as American Crew, Layrite and Kevin Murphy. With our fast delivery, we make sure you can quickly enjoy your new favourite styling product. Order now and experience the benefits of hair clay for yourself.


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