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Body wash

To properly cleanse your little one's sensitive skin, a body wash for kids is essential. Choose a product that is gentle on the skin and free of harmful ingredients.


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Why is it important to have a body wash at home?

It is important to always take good care of your child's skin with products suitable for baby and child. A good body wash should not be missing among your child's skin products. With a good body wash you can clean your child's skin in a gentle way. A shower foam can also prevent the skin from drying out or becoming irritated .

Naif: gentle cleansing wash gels and shower foams

The Naif brand is an excellent choice when it comes to shower gels, among other things. Within this brand's range, you will find several cleansing wash gels and shower foams that have been specially developed for children's sensitive skin. Important: the products do not contain parabens, SLS or other harmful ingredients. This ensures that the products cleanse the skin in a gentle and safe way. Moreover, Naïf's packaging is made of bioplastic, which contributes to a more sustainable world for your child.

Spongelle: cheerful sponges with a great scent

A sponge or washcloth is also nice to use when washing your child. Spongelle has cheerful sponges in various fun figures, which are guaranteed to make washing a party. The sponges clean gently and have a wonderful scent. Very handy: the sponges come with a cord so you can easily hang them up after use.

Spongelle sponges are also fun to give as a gift for a child. The sponges come in different skins and colors, so there is something for every preference.

The gentle cleansing power of Klorane

Klorane is a brand known for its natural and gentle products for taking care of your baby's skin. For washing your baby, you can choose from several Klorane cleansing products, such as Klorane baby cleansing cream, klorane baby gentle cleansing gel, klorane baby gentle ultra-rich soap and klorane baby cleansing water. Try the Klorane baby products and experience the natural and gentle cleansing power for your little one's sensitive skin.


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