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Skin care for children

Skin care is an important part of your child's grooming routine. Good skin care ensures that your child's skin stays healthy and protected from external influences. On this page you will find an assortment of baby and child products suitable for a child's skin care.



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Body lotion for children

A child's skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of adults and can therefore dry out more quickly. Therefore, a fine body lotion is essential in your child's skin care routine. A body lotion designed specifically for children is often free of perfume and parabens, among other ingredients. You can apply a lotion after showering or bathing, keeping the skin well moisturized and feeling wonderfully soft.

Bath & shower products for children

A bath or shower moment provides the perfect opportunity to relax with your child. Within our assortment you will find bath and shower products that not only ensure clean and cared for skin, but also fun in the bath or shower. For example, choose a natural bath oil or soothing effervescent balls.

Nappy cream and wipes for children

The skin in the diaper area has to deal with moisture and friction and can therefore easily become irritated. So take good care of this skin with buttock cream and wipes. A buttock cream is actually indispensable in taking care of the skin. This product helps prevent and treat diaper rash, as well as keeping the skin soft and supple. In addition, use mild, moist wipes to easily clean your child's bottom when changing diapers.

SPF for children

A child's skin is a lot thinner than an adult's, and children have very poor sun protection of their own. A child burns faster in the sun, which is why it is important to always use a sunscreen with a high SPF (preferably SPF 50 or higher). Make sure you choose a sunscreen that is free of perfume and parabens, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Keep your child's skin healthy and protected with the right skin care products for children.


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