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Bottom cream

When you want to care for baby's delicate skin in the diaper area, bottom cream is an essential product. This is because this skin suffers a lot from moisture and friction, which can quickly cause irritation.


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Why is bottom cream so important?

The skin in the diaper area is very sensitive and fragile. Wearing a diaper and the moisture in it creates friction that can quickly irritate the skin. Among other things, this can lead to diaper rash. A buttock cream keeps the skin soft and supple, thereby reducing the chances of irritation and rashes. It also helps treat and heal any rashes faster. So buttock cream is a very essential skin care product.

How to use a buttock ointment?

A buttock ointment is very easy to use. First, cleanse well with mild wipes at every diaper change. Once the skin is cleaned, apply a thin layer of buttock ointment to the skin. This provides a protective layer, making moisture and friction less likely to cause irritation. Choose a special buttock ointment for baby.

Naif buttock cream

A very popular ointment for buttocks is the Naif billencreme. Here are some of the benefits of this buttock ointment:

  • Protects baby's skin from redness, diaper rash and skin irritation.
  • Soothes and repairs with zinc oxide, chamomile and vitamin E
  • Suitable for sensitive baby skin, including extremely dry skin and eczema
  • Cures diaper rash immediately

Protecting the skin with buttock cream

By using a buttock cream, such as those from Naïf or Klorane , you protect and care for your little one's skin in the best possible way. With a fine buttock cream at home, you will prevent irritation and make sure your baby feels comfortable and comfortable.


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