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Hair tips for the winter months

Hair tips for the winter months

The winter season has officially started, you either love it or hate it! But let's be honest, it is also a magical season. Warm blankets, candles, lots of lights and nice hot drinks make it the season of warmth and cosiness. The other side of the story is that in addition to the cosiness and comfort, it is often cold. This ain't very good for your hair and skin. In this period it is important to give your hair the right care and to take certain factors into account. We therefore give you the tips to get your hair through the winter months! Read on...


Seven tips for taking care of your hair in the winter

1- Increase the humidity in your home

The humidity in the house is often on the low side in winter. Dry air can lead to dry skin, dry hair and sometimes a dry throat. Especially in the winter months, you want to avoid dry hair, because it becomes incredibly static and we all hate that... You could solve this problem by placing some containers with water throughout the house or by buying a humidifier. Are you crazy about plants and is your house full of them? Then you're in luck, because this also works very well!

2- Use a hair oil or serum

A moisturising moisturiser works wonders for dry skin but did you know that a hair oil or hair serum can also work wonders for dry strands or to prevent this? Apply a little hair oil or serum to the ends of your hair in the morning to keep it nourished all day long and to reduce the risk of frizzy, static or dry hair.

3- Use a hair mask and finish with a conditioner

During the winter months, your hair can use some extra care. A fine hair mask and conditioner are definitely a must-have. Always finish with a conditioner as it closes your hair cuticles nicely again and thus prevents damage, such as from the cold in the winter months.

4- Going outside in the cold with wet hair is a no-go!

We all do it from time to time, but it's actually mega bad for your hair. It can actually cause your hair to break more easily. This applies to all hair types from straight hair to all curly hair. When it freezes your hair becomes hard, as we all know. It becomes less pliable and you can break it off in no time. Even if you are in time of need, just don't go out with wet hair. Better safe than sorry.

 5- Protect your hair from the cold with a hat

In the winter we often use a hat, especially after the heavy snowfall last year, we are more than prepared this year. However, wearing a hat can cause tangles that damage your hair. What you can do is buy a hat with a satin lining. That way your hair is protected from the cold but there is less friction so your hair doesn't tangle. Win-win situation!

6- When it's cold, look for warmth, but be careful...

A nice hot shower, just a bit warmer than usual. Unfortunately, this is not good for your hair, nor for your skin. This also applies to blow-drying your hair at very high temperatures or curling/styling your hair. The heat can dehydrate your hair, making it dry and even more prone to static. You guessed it, when you go outside... the effect is even more pronounced than usual. Still like to do something fun with your hair or blow dry it? Then use a good heat protector to prevent damage. Be careful not to do this on a daily basis.

7- Stay hydrated

This has been mentioned in several of our blogs. When your hair is dry, it is dehydrated which makes it more prone to static. Use moisturizing products, this also applies to your skin!

Here are some fine products from our range that have been specially developed to combat or remedy dry/damaged hair.

Happy winter!

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