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How do you protect your hair from the sun?

How do you protect your hair from the sun?

The sun's rays kiss your skin as you enjoy a relaxing day outside. But did you know that your hair also needs protection from that radiant sun? Just as you protect your skin, your hair also deserves some extra attention. Here we share some tips to keep your locks radiant, even under the sweltering summer sun.

Hats and scarves: Your hair's best friends

Just as you protect yourself with a sun hat or a stylish scarf, your hair can also benefit from these fashionable accessories. A wide brimmed hat can not only protect your face, but also your hair from direct sunlight. If you wear a scarf, you can tie it casually around your head for a trendy look and extra protection.

Sunscreen for your hair? Yes please!

Did you know that there are sunscreen sprays specifically designed to protect your hair from the sun? Choose a product that contains UV filters to protect your hair from harmful rays. These sprays are easy to apply and act as an invisible shield, keeping your hair shiny without drying it out.


Moisturise your hair inside and out

Just as you keep yourself hydrated during hot days, your hair also deserves some loving moisturising care. Use a moisturising conditioner to keep your hair soft and supple. Don't forget to drink plenty of water - a hydrated body means hydrated hair!

Avoid heat during the hottest hours

The bright midday sun can damage your hair, just as it can burn your skin. Try to protect your hair as much as possible by keeping it out of direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. If you style or blow-dry your hair, consider reducing your styling routine a little during the summer months to avoid further heat exposure.

Shampoo with protection

Your daily shampoo can also play a role in protecting your hair from the sun. Look for shampoos enriched with UV protection or antioxidants. These can help protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals.


Avoid tight hair styles

Although a tight ponytail or bun looks great, these styles can weaken your hair, especially under the hot sun. Try loose braids, soft pigtails or just letting your hair hang open to avoid stressing and breaking your hair.

Don't forget your scalp!

Your scalp can also burn under the sun. If necessary, apply a little sunscreen to your parting and along your hairline to protect these sensitive areas.

Take care!

While enjoying the sun's rays, don't forget to give your hair some love too. With these gentle tips, you can protect your hair from the sun's harmful effects, so you can enjoy summer radiant and carefree. Remember, a little care can help your hair go a long way!

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