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L'Anza Healing Volume

If you have thin hair and miss volume, then you need to try the L'Anza Healing Volume products! This line gives hair a tremendous boost in volume and body. It thickens the hair fiber making the hair look fuller and give more volume. This is due to added silica from bamboo. Silica makes the hair fiber swell and the hair really noticeably thicker!


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L'Anza Healing Volume Thickening

Good volume in your hair starts while washing your hair. By using the right shampoo and conditioner, you ensure that your hair has the right conditions for healthy hair growth and retention of volume. The L'Anza Healing Volume Thickening shampoo and conditioner are aimed at exactly this. The shampoo provides the foundation for healthy hair growth, increasing hair density and making hair fuller. The silica from bamboo in this shampoo strengthens and thickens the hair fiber making hair feel thicker and hold volume better.

The L'Anza Healing Volume conditioner is committed to restoring your hair. By making the hair stronger, it can hold volume better and becomes more resilient. The formula is also super light so it doesn't weigh your hair down, because of course that's the last thing you want when you already have thin hair!

L'Anza Healing Volume gel

The L'Anza Healing Volume gel is a lifting gel that gives more strength so that the hair gets more volume and body. You apply the gel into wet hair and then blow dry volume in the hair. In this way you get a lot of volume in the hair that remains long because of the gel. The gel is almost invisible so you will not see any buildup or residue in the hair. The gel contains shine pigments that give the hair a beautiful sheen while blow-drying. After use, your hair has beautiful volume and shine!


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