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Matrix Total Results Instacure

The most damaged hair naturally needs a powerful recovery. Matix Total Results Instacure you care for recovery and stronger hair so that split ends and hair breakage are less common. The Instacure products are enriched with liquid protein that gives the hair back its strength and porosity goes against.



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Matrix Instacure for damaged hair

Give your damaged hair an Instant Cure with Matrix Instacure. Matrix Instacure for damaged hair ensures proper and fast recovery of your damaged hair. It feels healthier, looks healthier and problems like breakage and split ends will be less common. This is because Matrix Instacure products are enriched with liquid proteins that give the hair back its strength. In addition, the proteins replenish the "empty" places in the hair, reducing porosity and making the hair feel stronger.

Matrix Instacure Products

Matrix Total Results Instacure Repair Shampoo: Provides not only clean hair, but also helps damaged hair directly in recovery by adding liquid proteins that help strengthen the hair.

Matrix Total Results Instacure Repair Conditioner : After a conditioning treatment with this conditioner, your hair feels softer and healthier again. The hair is also better protected from frizz, so bye bye frizz!

Matrix Total Results Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray: This nourishing leave-in makes hair stronger again by liquid protein and vitamin B5. In addition, it helps make dry hair smooth and soft again, making your hair easier to detangle and detangle. So after use, your hair is ready to style.


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