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Redken Acidic Color Gloss

If you are looking for a way to not only protect your coloured hair but also give it unprecedented shine, Redken Acidic Color Gloss is just what you need. This product is a true gamechanger in hair care, specially developed to close the cuticles of your hair, helping to preserve colour longer and give your hair a beautiful shine.


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Why choose Redken Acidic Color Gloss?

Redken is known for its science-based approach to hair care. With a rich composition of amino acids and vitamin E, Redken Acidic Color Gloss not only provides protection to coloured hair, but also intensively nourishes your locks. The result? Vibrant colour that lasts longer and a healthy shine that makes your hair glow.

The benefits of amino acids and vitamin E in hair care

Amino acids and vitamin E are crucial ingredients for maintaining healthy and shiny hair. Amino acids help repair hair structure and close the cuticles, which is essential for colour retention. Vitamin E, on the other hand, provides powerful antioxidant protection, helping to fight off harmful external influences. Together, these ingredients provide unparalleled care for coloured hair.

Using Redken Acidic Color Gloss is a smart choice for anyone who not only wants their hair to shine, but also wants to invest in the health and longevity of their hair colour. With Redken's expertise and the power of advanced ingredients, give your hair the care it deserves. Discover the difference for yourself and let your hair shine like never before.


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