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Redken Finishing Spray

What completes your look more than knowing it will last all day? With a Redken Finishing Spray, you can make sure your styled hair stays in perfect shape and you can enjoy the day! The formulas of Redken hairspray are popular with many and now in a new look. With dark packaging of the styling, you can see that it is hairspray and you can easily find your hairspray!


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Redken Hairsprays Family

Redken Styling's updated packaging also makes the new Redken Hairsprays Family shine. These 5 hairsprays are suitable for different purposes and have different hold levels so that it suits your hairstyle perfectly. You want maximum hold, of course, but not all looks also call for shine and for some looks you do want to maintain natural flexibility. We list them from least strong to strongest hairspray.

Redken Haarlak

Quick Dry Hairspray

A beautiful shine, fast hold and quick-drying formula what more could you want? The quick dry hairspray fixation is not as strong as the other hairsprays, but also maintains more flexibility for a more natural look.

Anti-Frizz Hairspray

This hairspray is mainly aimed at fighting frizz and fly-aways. The formula contains no aerosol, so it is applied to the hair as a atomizing spray. With this, the spray gives a slight shine.

Strong Hold Hairspray

The Strong Hold Hairspray gives as the name suggests a strong hold, but also has other benefits. It works up to 24 hours and has a resistance to light humidity. This ensures that your hair stays in shape and frizz-free!

Control Hairspray

Need a high hold for control over your hair? Then the Control Hairspray is what you are looking for! This finishing spray has a high hold with anti-humidity protection and dries quickly. In addition, no residue or flakes are visible, so truly a flawless finish.

Max Hold Hairspray

The toughest hold is found in Redken's Max Hold Hairspray. This gives long-lasting hold and control without a crunchy effect. The hairspray has a super-fine fast-drying formula that also lasts all day!


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