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Sassoon Shampoo

With the Sasoon Shampoo, you can be sure your hair gets the care it deserves. The product is cleansing, restorative and protects damaged hair. Furthermore, the Sassoon Shampoo nourishes your hair well. With its pleasant fragrance and the way it leaves your hair wonderfully soft, the Sassoon Shampoo is a wonderful addition to your hair care regime. Discover the shampoo at and enjoy your fresh, cared for and radiant hair.


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Using Sassoon Shampoo

Sassoon shampoo is one of the products from the good brand Sassoon, which is known for its professional hair care products. The brand offers a wide range of shampoos suitable for multiple hair types including dry, colored and curly hair. To use the product, you can first wet your hair. Then apply a small amount of the Sassoon Shampoo on your hands and massage it nicely on your scalp and hair. If it foams well you can let it soak in for a while and then you can rinse it out. After these steps you can continue your hair care by using the Sassoon Conditioner.

Types of shampoo

Sassoon Shampoo is offered in several types. One of the most popular shampoos of the brand is the Sassoon Illuminating Clean Shampoo. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is mildly cleansing for both the scalp and hair. Also, the helps the shampoo with maintaining hair color.

Sassoon Rich Clean Shampoo.

The Sassoon Rich Clean Shampoo is good for taking care of dry, damaged hair. In addition, this shampoo is moisturizing and makes your hair stronger and more vibrant. Due to the Cashmeratex Micro Kinestics formula that the shampoo contains, it makes your hair shiny and gives it an elegant elevator.

About Sassoon

Sassoon is a professional hair care brand known worldwide for its high quality. The brand was founded by a hairdresser and now has a long experience. From shampoos and conditioners to hair coloring, you'll find it at Sassoon. Each product is designed to meet specific hair needs so that your hair looks shiny, strong and healthy again.


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