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Sendo Densifying

Do you suffer from weak and thin hair? Then the Sendo Densifying line is what you need. These products make your hair stronger, thicker and healthier. Enjoy your beautiful hair! Get to know this hair care line now.


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What is Sendo Densifying?

The Sendo Densifying is specially designed for weak hair. Do you have thin and fragile hair? Then this hair care line is what you need. The products will strengthen hair, improve scalp condition and make your hair look healthier. Experience the feeling of strong and healthy hair.

Benefits of Sendo Densifying

  • Makes weak hair stronger
  • For the hair and scalp
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Improves the scalp condition

Sendo Densifying products

Fortifying Shampoo: The shampoo suitable for all hair and skin types. A gentle cleansing that rebalances the hair and scalp, leaving hair strengthened and feeling more comfortable. Enjoy healthier and stronger hair.

Intensive Fortifying Lotion: A boost for the scalp. These powerful lotions are specially designed to strengthen thin, weak and fragile hair. The hair becomes stronger and gets more vitality.


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