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Wahl Trimmer

Many hairdressers and barbers naturally have their favorite brand for their professional scissors, grooming products and, of course, trimmers. For many professionals, the Wahl Trimmer is a real must-have. The brand is praised for its quality trimmers and the longevity of the devices. They are convenient to use and ideal for precision work!


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Trimmer Wahl

There are, of course, several trimmers from Wahl available. To help you choose, it is of course important to know what you will use the trimmer for. After all, you can choose a cordless trimmer or one with a cord, as well as the size of the blade and additional accessories.

Wahl super trimmer

The Wahl Super Trimmer is a cordless professional contour trimmer. The rechargeable trimmer lasts up to 100 minutes without recharging. Professionals love this trimmer because the device is so precise. The blade is adjustable in height and is chrome-plated so it stays clean. The motor is super quiet and the Wahl Super Trimmer detects the thickness of the hair and turns faster with thicker hair.

Wahl trimmer cordless

The best trimmers are now also available cordless. It is of course much easier to work without a cord. You have much better maneuverability because of this and can work more precisely. So too with the Wahl Trimmer Cordless Detailer. This cordless trimmer has a T-head for detailing and contouring. The light Lithium-ion makes the Detailer very powerful, but this battery is not heavy so the device stays nice in the hand. The battery lasts up to 100 minutes and charges in 60 minutes!


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