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Razor for men

There is more to choosing a razor for men than you might think. Whether you preferthe traditional approach with a Straight Razor, the safety and precision
seeks the safety and precision of a Safety Razor or the easy and quick solution of Disposable Razors: we have carefully compiled a range to suit all your needs.


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Which type of razor suits you?

From classic Safety Razors to modern Disposable Razors, each type offers a unique shaving experience. Below is an overview of the different types of razors, their uses, who they are intended for and their benefits.

Safety Razors

Safety Razors are an ideal razor for those looking for a durable and cost-effective option. With a protective barrier between the blade and your skin, they offer a safer shave than Straight Razors, for example. They are perfect for beginners and experienced users who value precision and a classic shaving experience.

Straight Razors

Straight Razors offer the most traditional shaving experience. This razor requires skill and patience, but rewards you with the smoothest shave. Recommended for experienced users who are willing to take their time. A Straight Razor should be sharpened regularly.

Shavette Razors

Shavette Razors are similar to Straight Razors, but with interchangeable blades. This makes the razor an excellent choice for professionals in the barbering industry or for home users
who love the convenience as you don't have to sharpen them yourself. They are great for contouring and offer a high degree of precision.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are useful for travellers or people who want a quick and easy shave without having to worry about maintenance. While this
razor is not the most durable option, it does offer comfort and is available in different quality levels.

How to use a razor

Usinga razor correctly is important for a smooth and comfortable shave and to avoid cuts or skin irritation. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a razor regardless of whether you use a safety razor, straight razor, shavette or disposable razor.

Preparation for shaving

Start by washing your face with warm water and a cleanser to remove dirt and excess oils . This also helps soften the skin and hair a little. Use a pre-shave oil or cream to further soften your skin and protect it from any irritation.

Apply shaving foam or gel

Dip your shaving brush into warm water to get it wet. Use your shaving brush or your hands to apply an even layer of foam or gel over the area. Make sure it covers well for good protection.

Time to shave

For a safety razor or disposable razor, hold the handle between your thumb and the first two or three fingers. For a straight razor, fold the razor open at a 30-degree angle and hold it with your thumb and three fingers. For a shavette, the same grip applies as for a straight razor.

Start shaving in the direction of hair growth to minimise irritation. Pull the skin taut with your hand for a smoother result. Don't put too much pressure on the blade, so let the weight of the razor do the work. Rinse your razor under running water after a few strokes to remove accumulation of hairs and foam.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I maintain my razor?

Razor maintenance varies by type. Safety Razors and Shavette Razors require little maintenance, as replacing the blade regularly is sufficient. Straight Razors require more care such as regular sharpening and stropping to maintain sharpness.

What are the differences between the blades?

Safety Razor blades are thin and double-edged, designed for use in a holder. Straight Razor blades are a single, fixed blade that requires more maintenance. Shavette Razor blades are interchangeable and similar to Safety Razor blades, but used in a holder similar to a Straight Razor.

Do you have any tips for a smoother shave?

Prepare your skin with warm water and use a good shaving gel or foam. In addition, shave with the hair growth to avoid irritation. Rinse often and replace blades or razors as soon as you notice them becoming blunt. Finally, finish with a moisturising aftershave to soothe the skin.


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