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  • Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne
  • Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne

Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne

21.20 including vat
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Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne
Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne
in stock

Beauty Pillow 60x70

The Beauty Pillow is a pillow of 100% polyester satin. With a Beauty Pillow you wake up without tangles in your hair or without frizzy hair. Your hair will stay in shape and what is also important is that the pillow helps to prevent split ends. The Beauty Pillow has not only benefits for your hair but also for your skin. The Beauty Pillow helps to reduce wrinkles, acne and impurities so the Beauty pillow ensures a smooth skin. It also has a wonderful cooling effect and the pillow lasts for a long time.

Result when using the Beauty Pillow

The Beauty Pillow provides silky soft hair and prevent split ends, tangles and frizzy hair. The Beauty Pillow also ensures a healthy and soft skin. Did you curl your hair but did it cost you a lot of time ? By using the Beauty Pillow, your curls will last longer and will be more beautiful so you will still shine with your perfect curls the next day!

Washing the Beauty Pillow

Stains are easy to remove from the Beauty Pillow and you can also wash the pillow without any problem at 40 ° C. After washing, the Beauty Pillow can be tumble dried and comes out shrink-free. However, we recommend hanging the Beauty Pillow out so the Beauty pillow will lasts for a longer time.

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Beauty Pillow 60x70 Champagne
£21.20 including vat
in stock
free shipping from £25 our score 3.8 order now

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