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Facial cleanser

A good facial cleanser is really indispensable in your daily skin care routine. You get a lot of dirty substances on your skin during the day, but also sebum and makeup accumulate. It is therefore very important to cleanse the skin morning and evening with a good facial cleanser adapted to your skin type. Do you already use a facial cleanser? We are happy to help you find the perfect cleanser for your skin.


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A facial cleanser

A facial cleanser is a product you use to clean the skin. It removes dirt, sebum and makeup from the skin. It is the first step in your skin care routine and actually the most important one. Cleansing also allows the subsequent steps of your skin care routine to penetrate the skin properly, such as your serum and cream.

The best facial cleanser

It's hard to say what the best facial cleanser is. This is because the product must suit your skin type and condition. Do you have oily, dry or perhaps combination skin? Or are you looking for a facial cleanser that fights skin aging or hydrates the skin? Thus, there are many different types of facial cleansers to choose from. A cleanser should be used every morning and evening. Your skin is actually working hard at night to repair the damage from daily influences. This causes the skin to produce more sebum to remove waste products from the skin, which needs to be washed back from the skin in the morning by a good facial cleanser. Cleansing the skin in the evening is actually even more important. The skin has been producing sebum all day, you've picked up dirt and maybe even applied makeup. If you let this sit, the skin gets clogged and be honest, very fine and clean it will not feel. Cleansing is the first step of your skincare routine and the most important one.

How to use it

How to use a cleanser varies from product to product. One product should be applied to damp skin and the other directly to dry skin. What works the same everywhere is that you have to massage the cleanser into the skin for a while to remove all the "dirt" from the skin and pores. For example, if you leave your makeup on overnight, your pores will quickly become clogged. This can cause you to develop blackheads or even pimples. Be sure to read the product's explanation carefully before use to use it correctly. You often hear people say that they wash their face only with water. This does nothing for the skin. To compare: you always wash your clothes with detergent to clean them and give them a fresh scent, right? Sebum, makeup and substances simply remain on the skin by using only water. Therefore, a good facial cleanser is also very important!


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