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Night Cream

Sleep is very important, both for yourself and for your skin! To properly care for and nourish your skin even at night, use a night cream. It has a long time to soak in and can therefore do its job well. Have you worn makeup all day and want to give your skin extra care? Then a night cream is also ideal. Choose one from our extensive range and your skin will feel baby-soft the next day!


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A good night cream for your skin!

A good night cream is essential to your daily skincare routine. But what is the best kind for your skin? This is very personal. You need to adjust the cream to what your skin needs, so look carefully at your skin type and condition.

At night, your skin is more active than during the day and is busy repairing the damage done during the day (for example, by Uv rays, dirt and stress). A night cream helps with this process. During the night, active ingredients are absorbed deeper and better because cell renewal is at its highest. Accumulated damage is addressed and the skin receives the necessary care and nutrition. The result: a radiant skin!

Always apply skin care products to clean skin. So first remove makeup residue, sebum and dirt from the skin with a good cleanser. For an extra boost, you can apply another skin oil or serum under the cream. Do you find a night cream feeling too full or greasy and feel like your face is sticking to your pillow? Then start your skincare routine on time! Apply skincare products and sit on the couch for a while longer. That way your skin will get the care it needs and the products can soak in for a while.

What is the difference between a day cream and a night cream?

It is important to have a day cream and a night cream in your skincare routine. But what exactly is the difference between the two? A day cream often contains ingredients that your skin only needs during the day, such as sunscreen or vitamin C. A night cream stimulates and repairs the skin and is rich in nutrients. It is often a water-in-oil emulsion and therefore slightly oilier.

There are also day and night creams in one. These are also called 24-hour creams. This allows you to use the same product in the morning and at night.


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