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  • NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale 100gr

NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale 100gr

21.70 including vat
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free shipping from £25 our score 3.8
NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale 100gr
NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale 100gr
in stock

NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale

The NailPerfect Powders are medium to fast curing acrylic powders. NailPerfect acrylic powders offer an optimal balance between curing and curing time. The products are designed to give you enough time to create the perfect smile line around your nail and enough time to perfect your c-curve. The composition of this system keeps the c-curve its original shape until you start doing your nails again. The NailPerfect powders offer extreme control and workability. The powders do not get into the cuticles and provide a creamy, controlled application. The NailPerfect powders offer strength and durability in combination with the NailPerfect Liquid. They offer maximum flexibility without chipping or cracking. The Powders are available in 7 fantastic colors - 5 essential base colors (Clear, Natural, Soft White, Mega White and Blush) and 2 nail bed extension colors (Makeover Peach and Makeover Pink). These powders are of the highest quality and color consistency, making the colors as beautiful when applying as when you paint your nails again.

Instructions for use of the NailPerfect Powders

Step 1: Combine the NailPerfect Acrylic Powders with the NailPerfect Acrylic Liquid to create beautiful strong nails. The application time may vary depending on climatic conditions. Because of extremely hot weather, the product can dry faster, or due to extremely cold weather conditions, the product can dry more slowly. Step 2: Use 1½ part liquid and 1 part powder ratio. You can slightly adjust the ratio between monomer and polymer to the climate conditions.

Result after applying the Powders

The NailPerfect Powders ensure that you enjoy beautiful, natural-looking nails that stay beautiful for a long time and will not tear.



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NailPerfect Powder Makeover Pale 100gr
£21.70 including vat
in stock
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